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Magey Bageechaa


Gardenia plant


Gardenia plants for sale

Gardenia plants for sale more detaila please call us

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Adenium 101


Adenium plant , dhivehi name budu falagas item code 101

Dersert rose , budufala gas To buy please call mageybageechaa 7817788

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Adenium 109


Desert rose, Adenium item code 109

Adenium available to order please contact mageybageechaa 7817788

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Mix color Adenium | Desert rose Decorate your balcony| Best adenium seller...

to  reserve your item please call

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Livistona rotundifolia palm


Livistona rotundifolia palm

This is a very decorative and attractive plant. you can keep Livistonia or  oriental fan palm   in your living room. it needs lots of light […]

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Petunia white


Maldiviab Petunia white seller | Balcony decorations | Purple petunia

Petunia white availability. To reser your item please call us

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Petunia dark purple


Petunia dark purple

Petunia dark purple available

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Marble queen

Marble queen available

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Hot pink petunia


Petunia hot pink and white , white and pink

Petunia available

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Norfolk island pine tree


Norfolk Islank pine tree

Norfolk island pine tree. benifit: air purification indoor / outdoor plant size :2 half feet

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Petunia pink and white pattern

Petunia pink and white pattern available . to reserve please contact

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MVR150- 200

Dark purple vinca

Vinca dark purple available

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'Zanzibar Gem' (Zamioculcas zamifolia)


Zanzibar Gem – Zamioculcas zamifolia available

  zenzabargem or zz plant is an exellent indoor plant. it will sevive very low light benifits: cleans polluted are inside your room

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balcony may not seem to be much different from a container garden

Gardening 06/08/2017


At first glance, a balcony may not seem to be much different from a container garden. You have some small outdoor surface, and some few potted plants to let everyone know that this is where your home meets the beautiful natural world.


Balcony garden

The Vinca’s are subshrubs or herbaceous, and have some slender trailing stems about 1–2 m (3.3–6.6 ft) long but, not growing more than around 20–70 cm above ground; the stems frequently take root where they touch the ground, enabling the plants to spread widely. The leaves are completely opposite to each other, simple broad lanceolate to when ovate maybe, 1–9 cm long and 0.5–6 cm broad; they are evergreen in four species, but deciduous in the herbaceous. Because the plants are low and spread quickly, the plants are used as groundcover in garden landscapes and container gardens. They are traditionally planted in older cemeteries as an evergreen maintenance-free ground cover. Many cultivars are available, with many varieties of plants, leaf, and flower – colors, sizes, and habits.

How to Grow Vinca:

Vinca will grow in range of light conditions, from full sun to shade. They will do very well in average soils. Both the plants are heat and drought tolerant. This makes Vinca plant ideal in hot, dry parts of the country where other flowers will wither and wilt.

(By= Mohamed Atho Ibrahim)

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